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MoonMail is your choice if you’re looking for simple email marketing.

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Email marketing is still one of the most-used strategies in digital marketing. With so many tools out there, it’s hard to determine which one fits your needs. At first, Sendgrid made email marketing available for people without technical skills. However, as it grew larger, its prices rose. This made the service less accessible, unless you could afford to pay more.

So why use MoonMail as a Sendgrid alternative?

Pricing Comparison per One Month
MoonMail vs SendgridSendgrid alternative
Send 1 campaign to 10,000 subscribers$16.98$29.95
Send 1 campaign to 100,000 subscribers$61.98$219.95
Send 1 campaign to 200,000 subscribers$111.98$494.95

Sendgrid has subscribers limitations and email limitations in the higher plans. If you exceed their sending quota, you could be charged a fee that equals nearly one entire month extra.

With Sendgrid, once you surpass the "normal barriers" you will be charged a fee of $0,75 for 1,000 emails, when at MoonMail we charge you $0.05 for 1,000 emails.

Feature Summary
MoonMail vs SendgridSendgrid alternative
Unlimited emails/monthSendgrid vs MoonMailSendgrid vs MoonMail
Drag and drop editorSendgrid vs MailChimpSendgrid vs MailChimp
AutomationsSendgrid Alternative AutomationsSendgrid Alternative Automations
List SegmentationSendgrid Alternative AutomationsSendgrid Alternative Automations
Unlimited Custom Personalization tagsSendgrid alternativeSendgrid alternative
Liquid markup syntaxMoonMail vs SendgridMoonMail vs Sendgrid
Responsive emailsMoonMail vs SendgridMoonMail vs Sendgrid
Click mapSendgrid alternativeSendgrid alternative
Real-time statisticsMoonMail vs SendgridMoonMail vs Sendgrid
Schedule CampaignsMoonMail vs SendgridMoonMail vs Sendgrid
Double opt-inSendgrid alternativeSendgrid alternative
WebformsMoonMail vs SendgridMoonMail vs Sendgrid
Steps to sign up25
Multilingual InterfaceSendgrid alternative multilingual interfaceSendgrid alternative multilingual interface
Mulitilingual Live Chat SupportMoonMail vs SendgridMoonMail vs Sendgrid
Free Support to all UsersMoonMail vs SendgridMoonMail vs Sendgrid
Fully GDPR CompliantMoonMail vs Sendgrid GDPR CompliantMoonMail vs Sendgrid GDPR Compliant
Make money with the platformMoonMail vs SendgridMoonMail vs Sendgrid
For the techy ones...
Choose double opt in or not in your web formsSendgrid alternativeSendgrid alternative
Attach files*Sendgrid alternative attach files in MoonMailSendgrid alternative attach files in MoonMail
RSS to email*rss to email in MoonMailrss to email in MoonMail
Free markup assessmentMoonMail vs SendgridMoonMail vs Sendgrid
Fully Open Source ProjectSendgrid alternativeSendgrid alternative
Deploy the whole software into your own Amazon
Web Services Account
MoonMail vs SendgridMoonMail vs Sendgrid
Use your own dedicated IPMoonMail vs Sendgrid dedicated IPMoonMail vs Sendgrid dedicated IP
Custom DKIM and SPFMoonMail vs Sendgrid Custom DKIM and SPFMoonMail vs Sendgrid Custom DKIM and SPF
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